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I wish my Grandparents were still alive...

Hi. I’m Shallon,

Throughout the years, with additions—and losses—to my family, my heart has kept tugging at the notion that I need to keep the kitchen wisdom and our matriarch’s voices, recipes, and photos alive. 

I dreamed of pictures with these women, and my family learning the recipes, hearing the stories, and eating the yummy food. I imagined sharing it all with my children and others who understand the importance of these women in all of our lives.

In 2022, I listened to myself and to my heart. 

With a background in lifestyle photography, I am trying something new, something that links my two passions of food and the special bond of family relationships. 

Food Found Forgotten is not for a client or an assignment. It’s for me, as I explore how to celebrate families and food together and to celebrate the true original foodie: Mom, Aunty, Grandma, Great Grandma. 

The power these women have had on our individual lives is undeniable. None of us would be where we are without them. Their strength, their determination, their love and support have made us who we are today, either directly or indirectly through those other family members close to us.

I am also a food-focused photographer, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I photograph prized book and magazine covers to entire cookbooks. I also assist companies and restaurants with their social media, seasonal marketing campaigns, menus, advertising, and articles for magazines, over at

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This is my answer, to my hearts call.

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