About Shallon

Hi I’m Shallon. I am a food focused photographer, in Calgary, Alberta.  I have had the opportunity to photograph prized covers and entire cookbooks.  I have assisted various companies with their social media, seasonal marketing campaigns, menus, advertising and articles for magazines, companies and restaurants.  I have happily and thankfully been focusing on food photography for over the last 10 years. 

Prior to this chapter, I was a lifestyle photographer, with a focus on weddings.  I promised myself during this time that if, and when the day came, I stopped appreciating the impact of the day, and my prized front row seat on a couple’s most special day, it meant that I no longer deserved to be there.  So when that difficult day came I listened to my heart and made the decision, to change my focus and follow my intrigue of food (Lucky Me!!)


Shallon with Granny (above)

Shallon with Oma (below)


As time passed and life happened, with additions to my family...and losses, I found my heart once again speaking to me.  I listened.  I was open to trying something new, something that linked my two passions of food and the special bond of family relationships.  To celebrate families and food together and to celebrate the true original foodie -Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma. 

The power these women have had on our individual lives is undeniable.  None of us would be where we are without them. Their strength, their determination, their love and support have made us who we are today, either directly or indirectly through those other family members close to us.


I wish my grandparents were still alive.

I would ask Oma how to make stollen.  The stollen my dad spoke of every year at Christmas.  I remember my mom trying so hard to make something she didn’t grow up with, and my dad every year thanking her for trying (dad has now passed, and the stollen is something that now feels lost and forgotten).   If I could only ask my granny how to make those yummy spicy cheese crackers.  As a child I was allowed to try them; when she would put them out for herself and my papa around 4pm, which was their cherished cocktail hour (likely to celebrate making it through another day with all the grandchildren running around).   I would love to have pictures with these women and my family, learning the recipes, hearing the stories, and eating the yummy food.  I would love to share it all with my children.




This is my answer, to my hearts call.

audrey christmas pic-3.jpg

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