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A few things to know

& remember...

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Please note, these photo shoots are not about the perfectly clean or organized kitchen

(it doesn't really exist)

though rather about capturing the perfect real life kitchen: chaos and cherished moments.

Photoshoots like this take time.

Like cooking and baking can.


I take pictures throughout prep of ingredients, making the recipe, asking  questions along the way, and while things bake or cook, My goal, is to basically be a fly on the wall, with capturing your moments.  just try to be present with a camera but really try not to get in the way.


The end result are your moments,

captured for future reflection. 

Before it is too late to say, I wish I could remember that was made.

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The Investment

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(the other thing you really wanted to know)

There is no fee. 

If you would like to order an book to showcase your images,

that is available upon request.  

Because everyone should be able to celebrate food and family through photography.  

The photography session itself, is not limited to a time limit. 

You will receive full resolution, edited digital files from our time together, to share with family and as you like, and to print your own images.

My goal is to make my food-focused family photography photo shoots affordable and continue to build my NOT forgotten food images galleries.

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